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Family Practice

Rose Urgent Care and Family Practice

Urgent Care & Family Practice located in Vancouver, WA & Battle Ground, WA

Whether you’re a busy mom wanting all your family’s healthcare under one roof or a treasured senior seeking a doctor who has the skill to treat all your ailments, Rose Urgent Care & Family Practice is the right place. The practice has two locations for your convenience, Vancouver and Battle Ground, Washington, and each facility is staffed by a team of family medicine specialists dedicated to providing quality, patient-centered care for people of all ages and in all stages of health. Schedule your appointment today via their convenient online service.

Family Practice Q & A

What is family practice?

Many physicians specialize in certain body systems, such as a cardiologist who only treats conditions related to your heart’s function. Family practice providers undergo extensive training that enables them to care for all aspects of your health, regardless of your age or gender. They’re qualified to see infants for well-baby checks, young adults for routine physicals, women for routine gynecologic care, and senior adults for age-related illnesses and preventive care.

They perform minor surgery, such as suturing a wound. They can see you for a persistent cough or prescribe medication and recommend lifestyle changes to bring your diabetes or blood pressure under control. Simply put, a family practice specialist is a primary care provider who manages all facets of your and your family’s health.  

What are the advantages of seeing a family practice provider?

Family practice providers are focused on building long-term relationships with their patients. This gives you the benefit of interacting with a medical professional who knows your health history inside and out. It helps your doctor diagnose your ailments quickly and more accurately and devise treatment plans that are tailored to your unique needs.

Family doctors also emphasize treating the whole-person and consider your emotional health and well-being in determining the most effective care for your circumstance. It’s also very beneficial to see a familiar, trusted face when you’re feeling ill or anxious about your health, or when your child has developed a worrisome fever.

Another benefit of establishing care with a family practice doctor is the convenience of visiting one family medicine specialist rather than many physicians. Rather than seeing an endocrinologist for your diabetes, a gynecologist for your annual physical exam, and a urologist for a urinary tract infection, you make one call to Rose Urgent Care & Family Practice and reserve one slot on your busy calendar.  

What if I need to see a specialist?

Some conditions require a referral to a specialist. For instance, if your gallbladder needs removing, your doctor may recommend several surgeons to choose from and help coordinate your initial appointment. Once you see the specialist, any new diagnoses, or changes in medications or treatment plans, are relayed to your family doctor so that your medical records remain up-to-date.

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