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Celebrate Sexual Health Awareness Month by Getting Tested

September is Sexual Health Awareness Month. As a fundamental part of your overall health and wellbeing, everyone deserves a healthy and safe sex life. Did you know 50% of sexually active young adults will contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD)? Celebrate sexual health awareness month this September by getting tested.

What is sexual health?

Dr. Matthew Rose and his team at Rose Urgent Care and Family Practice believe sexual health is a fundamental part of living well that goes beyond avoiding STDs. It includes all aspects of sexual health and sexuality, such as intimacy, family planning, and sexual rights. We advocate for the ability to embrace sexuality and have happy, healthy sexual relationships.

Get tested during September sexual health awareness month

During September Sexual Health Awareness month alone Americans will contract 1.7 million STDs, capturing the major impact sexually transmitted infections have on the lives of men and women. That’s why it’s important to practice safe sex, get tested, and know when changes happen with your body. Visiting Rose Urgent Care and Family Practice makes STD testing simple and convenient. STD testing benefits your health by:

It’s just as important when you’re older

Today, men and women are living longer and leading more active lives well into their golden years. This means STD testing is as important for older adults as it is for young Americans. Did you know the rates of STDs among older adults is on the rise? Older people are at risk of syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and genital herpes, among others. It’s essential to make sexual health a priority throughout your life, even as you age. Get tested for Sexual Health Awareness Month if you're over the of age 50 and sexually active.

What STDs should you get tested for?

An STD screening can detect a broad range of STDs, including:

Questions to ask your doctor

Getting tested provides an opportunity to ask your provider questions and gain insight into sexual health, so you can take the best care of yourself. You can ask your provider about:

Stop in to get tested during Sexual Health Awareness Month and beyond. With two convenient locations serving the Clark County area, getting tested is fast and simple. Call to schedule an appointment at the location nearest you.

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